Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Robert G. LeTourneau

Over the course of the kids camp, we put together a three part drama based on the life of R.G. LeTourneau. As R.G. was a man of powerful words and actions, here are a few pictures and excerpts from the drama...

Robert Gilmore -- the boy, with his friend Billy

R.G. getting invited to the revival meetings in town

"I went to the revival meetings for four nights, and then decided I wasn't getting anywhere. I was looking for something but I didn't know exactly what. I thought I was seeking after God but I was really seeking after the things which He had. The next night I stayed home and thought the whole thing over. I saw myself going down into sin and realized I was a lost sinner. I knew all the Bible answers, yet there was something between my soul and salvation.

I couldn't seem to get it; it wasn't real to me. I went to bed and as I lay there and this thought came to me: 'If I should die tonight, I would go out into a lost eternity. Hell would be worse for me than for anyone else because I had heard the Gospel and rejected it.'

Then I cried out in desperation to God, 'Save me or I perish.' Total surrender. Right there something happened. The glory of the Lord broke over me and the full reality of salvation came into my soul! Praise the LORD! Now I want to serve the Lord - however He directs!"

The first car R.G. ever fixed -- the Peters family,
who were quite an interesting crew, if I may say so!

Ahhh-- carb cleaner works wonders!

R.G. and his young family

R.G. started his business in 1921 and after the first two years he was $100,00 dollars in debt. Then, over the next 18 years he expanded into a $10 million dollar business with 4 factories and 3000 employees. His equipment was used around the world to build highways, dams, playgrounds, reservoirs, airport runways, carry 150 tons of supplies across the desert, and even make incredible advances in World War II. R.G. also gave way 90% of his income to the Lord's work.

R.G. in the mechanic shop with his employees and salesmen

The dear Piggly Wiggly ladies, whom Mrs. LeTourneau still managed to surprise now and then (right, ladies?!) [grin]

The cast and crew from Day 2

And Robert's take on it all?

"I believe the secret of the power of the Gospel is to be willing to go all the way with the Lord. I believe a man who is on the fence cannot enjoy the things of God. I believe when he tries to get betwixt and between, he gets into an awful mess. I wonder sometimes whether some folks who say they are Christians really believe in the Lord or not. I don't know whether they have been born again.
If you want to go all the way with God...when temptation gets hold of you young folks, you feel that you just can't resist. That's the power of sin. But the power of God is bigger than the power of sin. When you feel yourself slipping, say, "Lord, help me! God help me!" And something will happen. There will be victory right then and there. He can change our heart, He can change our lives, He can change our desires.

That's the power of the Gospel. That's what we mean when we say, 'Ye must be born again.' What I want you to understand is that all it takes to put power in our lives is one touch of God. It isn't a matter of education. The moment you and I say, 'Lord, here am I. Put that power in my life,' that moment God will do that very thing for us.

Some people think we are doing God a favor by doing right, but we are really doing ourselves a favor. Sin carries its own punishment. I was brought up in a Christian home and knew the theory of salvation. I could quote chapter after chapter of the Bible by heart. But I did not want to surrender to His will. Choosing to believe His way is best isn't easy. But we are promised in Deuteronomy, if we keep planting His word in our hearts, choosing to believe and surrender to His will -- then blessings will overtake us...and when God sends blessing to overtake you, there is no way you can out run 'em! GO ALL THE WAY WITH GOD! AND DO IT HIS WAY!"

[All quotes from the books "Mover of Men and Mountains" by R.G. LeTourneau and "Mom LeTourneau" by Norman B. Rohrer, currently out of print.]


Anonymous said...

Once again, reading your blog was a blessing...

Andrea said...

What an inspiring story! I have honestly never heard of the man, but the quotes you shared make me want to go and get the book! What a powerful testimony of a man sold out to God! Thanks so much for sharing this, Bethany! It was a blessing!!!

Goldfish said...

YEAH for RG!!!! Thanks for letting me be in the play-- it wa so so so much FUN!!!!!!!!! Gotta admit though, some of those quotes sounded familiar, I could almost say them from memory.... :) Is it camp yet?!

BrittLeigh said...

I so enjoyed the pictures and the quotes. You guys are so creative!!

Sally said...

Well written article.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bethany,

My name is Dale Hardy and I am with the R.G. LeTourneau Heritage Center in Longview, TX. Our web page is www.rglhc.org. I was searching the web tonight for info on Mr. R.G. and found your blog. I think it is great that you did a play about Mr. R.G.'s life. Mr. R.G. did have a powerful testimony and didn't mind shareing it. With your play you have extended his testimony to many more people. He would have really liked that.

In Christ,
Dale Hardy
R.G. LeTourneau Heritage Center