Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Treasured moments

Each MOMENT of the year has its own beauty -
a picture that was never seen before
and will never be seen again.



Unknown said...

Amen, I love that quote!
There are many times that I would like to capture a picture and cannot, but I still have it indelibly printed on my mind. Whether it be the hopeless face of a needy person on the street, the ecstatic joy of a new believer, or just the awesome beauty of a rose, that snapshot in time will never come back in the same way that it is right now. May we make each moment count for eternity!

Thanks, Bethany!

Anonymous said...

THat is an awesome quote Bethany! Oh and I love the picture. My favorite subject to take pictures of are flowers. We have extensive gardens at our house and they are such a blessing. The bulbs are mind buggling to me, I just can't fathom how God deigned them to come up every year and put on such a show for us. (Right now I am hoping they do not all freeze before Easter! We are due to have snow over the next couple of days!)
The time when I am most snapping mental pictures is when I am driving. I see so many incredible moments that I wish I could capture on camera.
In a book I made for some friends of ours I wrote on the last page:
"Moments that have been captured on camera and will stay in our hearts forever."
I am so grateful that I am able to capture some of these fleeting moments to hel us celebrate our memories day by day.

That got kind of long for a comment! Hope it made sense!


KarenR said...

Maybe that is why each spring kinda feels like you have never seen it before. I don't know, there is something about spring that feels like a new friend but yet an old one too. I never grow tired of it! I see new aspects of God's beauty and greatness!

Goldfish said...

I LOVE gerber daisies... they are my favorite flowers!! I have some fake ones, but no real ones! :( That quote is so good! And so so so true!!! There are so many times, where I could have just kicked myself for not having my camera with me! :/ And there are the times where I haven't installed the film properly... digital cameras do have their good points I guess!! ;D

Only 66 days until camp! :D Yippee! Yahoo! Google! ;)

Yeah! No word identification!

Brittney said...

Great quote, and what a beautiful picture! By the way, everytime I see a gerber daisy I think of you and Rachel... remembering that time we wandered around a flower garden and noted those beautiful flowers :)

Miss you!!!


Anonymous said...

Aw...that picture looks really familiar??? Maybe like one I got in a birthday package?!?! Thanks for the post!