Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My constant companion

The kleenex box! [smiles]

I'm so glad that germs can't be spread through blogs. Or else you'd all be having some serious flu bug like we've been struggling with. I'm over the worst now, except for my nose. It must not have gotten the message that I'm better, for it keeps running...and running...and running.


Goldfish said...

I hope ya'll get better. Why did I write/type ya'll?! Maybe *that* is contagious though the Internet. Anyways, I just got over my cold, so I can sympathize! It is so annoying to have to remember to bring tissues to class! (Especially because I have a goldfish brain!! :))) See you in less than four months!! :)

Anonymous said...

If this is what you meant by your recent comment "things have been crazy" I can sure see why. I hope you all get through it OK. It's nice you have a place to rest a bit.

I don't know how you can perform with the flu. Even if I feel like performing, whch I usually don't, my voice usually drops another octave and/or disappears.

Prayers with you and all your family. Please be well.


Elizabeth E Pruett said...

I am glad that you are feeling better than you were! I pray that your complete recovery will be swift.

Rachel Marie said...

Oh, I am sorry Bethany! I hate *bugs*... but who likes them?!:-P
I hope you "Get Well" 100% really soon!!!

Anonymous said...

So Sorry!! I know what its like!! :( my sympathies are with ya'll...
how is using the old bus working out for your family??
love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're all feeling back to your normal selves soon! It's no fun being sick!!!


Kristi said...

Poor Bethanie. I'm sorry you're sick. My children have also been sick. My oldest is complaining with his ear, which is odd since he's fourteen and hasn't had an ear infection in twelve years. We'll probably be making a visit to the doctor tomorrow. I'll pray for ya, sweetie. Hope you're feeling better soon.


Anonymous said...

Hope you are all on the mend, sis! I've been praying for you!

Sending oodles of 'Get Well Hugs'!!:)

Brittney said...

Aw Bethany, (((HUGS)))

I'm praying you and yours get perfectly well SOON, and can leave the companionship of the kleenex box behind! :) Companions are nice... But there are some you get tired of calling on, eh? :D

Sending lots of HUGS your way! I sure do miss you!!!