Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A smile for your day

"We give thanks to You, O God, we give thanks!
For your wonderous works declare that Your name is near."
Psalms 75:1

Have you given thanks for anything yet today?


Goldfish said...

Aw! What a sweet picture! I was so thankful for the post you did for Rachel on your family blog!! I especially loved all the interesting facts about her --neat idea!

Anonymous said...

So cute!


Anonymous said...

Cute, adorable post, Bethany! It's almost as good as having a hug in person!! Thank you for the challenge too about giving thanks...made me think if I had. Here's a hug back across the miles.:)

Love ya!

Victoria said...

That's a nice picture! I gave thanks for my pastor today. :D

Brittney said...

Awwww, Hannah's so lucky! She gets to be with you all the time!!!! :)

That is such a SWEET picture of two very pretty girls ;)

I sure miss you. I'm giving thanks for a wonderful friend like you!


Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany,

Nice picture! You are both very pretty!! :) I'm from Canada and I occasionally read your blog. I first heard your music from my aunt and I checked out your family's website. Nice!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful picture of you and Hannah. And a great post on Rachel for her birthday. She won't remember me but tell her Happy Birthday anyway. You have so many talented people in your family.

When is pay-back time when Rachel tells us your "secrets". You probably just tell us the good stuff. (Actually I still think you may be a little hard on yourself at times - you're a precious child of God - enjoy the "normal" young lady. God will come through.)

By the way, back a couple days, you posted a picture of a Christmas Cactus. When you click on it and it fills the screen it is really beautiful. They are such a pretty flower, although mine apparently couldn't read the calendar this year.

May LOVE always surround you.

Richard, your Old Threshers Friend

(The best to all of your family, and hope your ministry and trip are going well.)

Kristi said...




Rachel Marie said...

Beautiful, and oh-so-sweet!!!

Alyssa Faith said...

Just a few moments of pausing to thank God for - anything - brightens and sweetens any day and keeps us from being discontent or discouraged. Thanks for the reminder - did you give thanks today?

Anonymous said...

I love the cordinating colors and gorgeous smiles!
Tell Hanah I said "HI"! I'd love to see ya'll, I guess I will next month!
Allison Bontrager