Saturday, January 13, 2007

One year of blogging!

Can you believe it? It has been a whole year since my first post and I entered the lists of 'bloggers.' What a fun adventure it has been!

I've been able to meet some of you (what a delight!); some of you I only know through blogs and your comments; and still others of you knew me way before I ever thought of starting a blog --or was even into photography, for that matter. (Imagine that! I used to go everywhere without a camera! [smile] )

Though I mostly post inspirational quotes and scriptures along with my photography, just know that I'm a normal girl, too. I love to talk and laugh, cry and sing, dream and hope, go shopping; and yes -- I even have bad hair days! (Just ask my family!)

But I don't have time for everything, and in the few minutes I do have to blog, it is my prayer to post things that what will encourage you, and deepen your walk with the Lord. If you've been blessed, challenged or encouraged by anything I've posted this past year - praise the Lord! I'm just trying to be a sweet aroma and beautiful reflection of what God's grace as done in my life. As one friend wrote me in a letter once: "I consider myself a mirror; people look and see Jesus, but -- for goodness sake, don't praise the mirror!"

To all you faithful friends and commentors -- thank you! You have truly made blogging a joy with your added insights and thoughts, and I treasure hearing from each one of you.

And for all you 'lurkers,' (those who have read this blog and have never or rarely commented) -- I'd love to hear from you! Would ya'll mind just leaving a little note saying howdy, who you are (if you'd care to share!) and maybe how you found my blog? It doesn't hurt -- really! It is a painless process, and I'd enjoy hearing from you!


Anonymous said...

Happy bloggin birthday Bethany!!
I love your site so much (especially the pictures), and usually check to see if there's anything new at least once a day!! Keep up the good work.
Anna Nelson

mindy caron said...


Thank you for your blog -- where I find much depth of wisdom and encouragement! You're a blessing and testimony of God's wonderful character.

Love ya!


Rachel said...

One year already?! Wow -- and what a blessing your blog has been. It's so exciting to see you using your talents to bless so many, including me! [smile]

I love you, Bethany, and am so grateful to be your sister!!! I get to experience your -- "talking, laughing, crying, singing, dreaming, hoping, and shopping (oh yeah!)" -- first-hand! Except I really don't think you have bad hair days! [smile]

I look forward to see how the Lord will continue to lead and direct your life as you delight in Him!

Love you sis!!
Psalm 37:4

Christina said...

Hi Bethany,

I introduced myself the other day and believe it or not yours is one of the only blogs I have ever commented on! I found out last night that you somehow know or at least know of some good friends of mine, the Wesco Family (in fact they might be lurkers of this blog :D). It is neat to be able to connect people like that.

I appreciate that you update so often in short little bursts and that you always have a picture!


Andrea said...

Wow, one year!! I have so enjoyed your blog, Bethany, and appreciate all the tidbits and nuggets you pass along. I'm sure God I found that little link so many months ago! It's been a blessing meeting you a couple times this last year, and I look forward to future times!

Richest blessings and hugs to you!

Anna Naomi said...

Congratulations on a year of blogging! I've enjoyed reading your blog occasionally. You take beautiful pictures!

Megan said...

Happy blog birthday! I check up on your blog (at least) once a day. I love all your quotes, insights, and your PHOTOGRAPHS!!! And Bethany, thank YOU for all your posts--always such an inspiration! Only about five more months until camp!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!! I can hardly wait! See you then!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethany.
Congratulations on your One year anniversary. Your's (and your family's) site are the only ones I follow - or respond to. And if anyone finds out I am a Wissmann "geezer groupie", I will probably never hear the end of it.

I've been doing something kind of interesting that I hope is OK with you. Since I collect quotes and "special" writings, I have been putting together a file "collecting" some of your material. It's not only been interesting to read in a more continuous form, but especially to see what has captured your interest enough to share with us. I hope you don't mind.

Since it looks like you are going back on the road soon, I'll likely quit writing. Your computer time is probably limited. But please keep writing and I'll keep reading - and enjoying your photography.

And keep on being a "normal" young lady. It seems to be working quite well. Thoughts and prayers always with you.

Richard, your OT Friend

Anonymous said...

Happy "Blogging Birthday", Bethany! :) Although I only found your blog a few months ago, I've really enjoyed it!! (And I think that is such a cute picture--that is such a good color on you!) Thanks for such a fun blog!!


Jacob said...

Congratulations! Thanks for blogging. I especially enjoy your photos. I think photography is my favorite visual art.

Keep it up!

Peace! --Jacob

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your posting, Bethany! I hope you get some snow!
P.S. I found your blog by looking up your last name in the BLOG SEARCH. Share His Sonshine!

BrittLeigh said...

Aw, Congratulations! Such a *special* anniversary!! I'm happy for you. Your blog has certainly been a beautiful reflection of the hope that is within you.

I'm just trying to be a sweet aroma and beautiful reflection of what God's grace as done in my life. You do such a sweet job of that, Bethany!!

You actually love bad hair days?... (you actually have bad hair days??) :) Didn't know such a thing was possible [wink] Learned something new about my dear friend today :D.

What a blessing you are, (((Bethany))) And I'm so grateful for the blogosphere that allowed us to meet! You're a dear friend!!

Lots of love!!

Bethany said...

BRITTNEY!!! You know I don't love having bad hair days, I was just trying to prove my point that I am a normal girl! :) I guess it did sound like I love 'em though. I guess I need to work on my writing skills some more over this next year of blogging... [sigh]

Love you, too!

Anonymous said...

It's me, Nicole! :) I love, love, love your blog! Thank you so much for your inspiring quotes... what a blessing!
Lets see... I guess I'm one of those who knew for sometime before blogs...that fateful (or should I say Providential?!) day by an old school house 'in' the 1850's! :)
Thanks for everything... your such an blessing in my heart and life!
Love Ya! Nicole
PS. got the letter today! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see a picture of YOU! :) So sweet and beautiful!

Cheri said...

I "came out of hding" the other day, =) but I'll just make mention again that I visit your blog frequently!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany!
What a sweet post and a sweet picture to go along!
We are really, really, really trying to get our church to have y'all come to sing sometime soon! Our church is really nice, with many, many homeschooling families and we know they would really enjoy your program!

Esther said...

Wow one year! congratulations! I have been visiting your blog page for a couple of months now. I love what you choose to put on. I like how you put pictures on that match the words. I know a lot of people don't do pictures at all, and no matter how much the words may mean to us, the pictures just top it off. I appreciate all the work you put into all of it! Keep it up!
PS. Do you remember at Grace here in Flint last Nov. we were talking about how our family has always been like 1 1/2 years behind yours in kids? Well, we just got the news a few days ago that my mom is going to have her 13th in August! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethany,
I like to look at your blog, I am very glad you do it.
You have some of the nicest pictures. I really enjoy visting your blog.

: )

Anna B.

Anonymous said...

Bethany, Happy Blog Birthday! Your thought & effort are very evident on this blog, but it is also very clear that you follow God's leading for the postings.It truly is an appriciated bleesing. JConner Ps.115:1

Julia said...

okay, i guess it's time to let you know i've been "lurking" 'round on your site... i heard your family at Gospel festival in Morden, MB, canada. loved the singing and so i checked out your family's website and some came across your blog. i've really been enjoying it! you post my 2 favorite things: nature pictures and inspiring quotes! your posts always cheer me up and i want to say "thank-you!" May God bless you and i'm looking forward to many more challenges and encouragements from your updates :) ~Julia Penner

VandeHeiFamily said...

reciving comments is one of the best parts of blogging anyway Right?! Thanks for taking the time to update your blog so often, we really enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Blessed by the clarity of the mirror and the ability to capture the Glory of Gods' mighty work

Anonymous said...

da friend down the street
i keep forgetting to sign

Elizabeth said...

I love visiting your blog, Bethany! It is always wonderful to read the inspiring quotes, reflect on the Bible verses and enjoy the beautiful photography! You have a real gift when it comes to photography, and the captions (whether scripture verses or quotes) you put with your pictures are awesome!!
Keep up the great work!!
~Elizabeth U.
Great picture of you, by the way!! :)

Melanie said...

Happy Belated blog Birthday. (Whoa--say that five times real fast!)

You are such a gigantic encouragment to me. I love reading your blog and always come away blessed and thinking deeper thoughts. Thank you Bethany!

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm one of those who always visits but rarely comments. ;)
Happy blog birthday! :)

Kori said...

Happy Blogging Birthday Bethany! I really enjoy reading your blog! I love all the inspiring quotes and Bible Verses! They brighten my day! :) Your pictures are always fun to see, too! I hope ya'll have a safe trip and I'll see soon!

Miriam Rebekah said...

One year! Congratulations for keeping at it and though I just recent found your blog, I hope you'll keep it up. Your photography is lovely and the scriptures and quotes always go with the pictures!

Victoria said...

I visit like everyday...and I forgot where I found your blog... :D

Joel said...

Congratulations on a year of blogging. :) I've enjoyed the posts and photos.

Allison said...

Congrats on keeping up your blog for a whole year - that's quite an accomplishment! Many blessings to you and your family!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Bethany! What a host of comments! I think this should be a sign to you that your blog is a HUGE blessing to more people than just me!!:) I have been so challenged, encouraged, spurred on, enriched, blessed--the list is too long to type out here!

Thank you for allowing Jesus Christ to have His way with thee, so that others experience His refreshing aroma when they are in your presence, and 'across the miles'(smile)!

Happy blog birthday a little late. May He guide you in the year ahead, and may you know more of His matchless grace in your life as you seek Him above all else!!!

I love ya sister!

PS--What a great picture of you! The cropping choice and color are beautiful...His light bursts forth through you! HUGS to YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogging Birthday!
Emily and I check your blog quite regularly;-) We have both been quite encouraged by it. I really enjoy photography also so I benefit quite alot from your "Photographic Ideas" :-)
For us both,
Hillary Hipps

Paul from ND said...

Congratulations. I have been blessed, challenged, and encouraged by your posts. Thanks for sharing.

The Sisterhood said...


My name is Victoria Emmons, and I've been reading your blog for a little while. I have really enjoyed it and you have inspired me to post quotes and verses more on our blog. Thank you very much.

May the Lord bless you and your family.

Morgan said...

I visit your wonderful blog alot! You have blessed me so much with your inspiring posts, quotes, and photos! God Bless you as you enter your second year of blogging!

chelsy said...

Hey Bethany-
I've been reading your blog evah since your 1st post and it has encouraged me SO MUCH!! your quotes are SOOO inspirational, and of course your photos are simply beautiful! (i've gotten some really neat ideas from you !:))
So happy blogging birthday!! Can't wait to see ya all in a couple of weeks!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Bethany!
I guess I'm a lurker finally coming out of hiding.... Your blog is the first one that I've ever left a comment on, though I've followed (but not regularily) about five blogs for quite some time. =) I have enjoyed visiting your site, since I love the pictures. Thanks for all the quotes and things you put in too! My brother loves taking great pictures (he did his 1st wedding in Oct.) and I also like to confiscate his good camera whenever he comes and visits me and try my hand at it too! =)

I think it was through my brother that I first started visiting your blog, and I also am a good friend of Andrea that you met a little while ago... =) You might even find a picture of my wedding on her site (I was married in July).

May the Lord bless you with His love today!
Rebecca Popejoy

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Wow, I can't believe I just found this post! I must have been busy a couple days ago, and then it was buried by your other beautiful posts!

I want to thank you for your lovely bits of encouragement and photos. Your blog truly is a breath of fresh air!

Please continue! I love checking in on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Bethany, Here it is- you 41st post! Congratulations on your first year, and your "record breaking" number of posts:)
In honor of the occasion: I will try very hard to break my lurking habits - I suppose its not very nice to enjoy all your hard work without taking a few seconds to say "I was here" :)

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Happy 1st year of blogging!!

Rachel Marie said...

Aw, Bethany, I guess it's better late than never, right?! :-)
When I was in Mexico, I wasn't able to keep up with blogs... :-/

I LOVE your blog! You're a dear girl with a sweet heart for Jesus! Keep it up!!! (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany,
My name is Jessica. I'm twenty, a homeschooled graduate and a scrapbook nut. Neat Huh? I live in Chipley FL and attend Berean Baptist Church.
I found your blog by an email from my Grandma. She sent me an email from a friend of theirs who I think must have went an saw ya'll sing somewhere. Anyways I decided to check out your site from the email. I've been listening to some of ya'lls song clips and sounds really good.
My family also plays Bluegrass gospel. We have a banjo,guitar, mandolin, dobro and stand up bass.
I play the stand up bass.
My little brother can play just about all of it though. I wants to go to college in Tennessee a play professional someday.
I just thought I'd say hi after reading your posts. I read your sister's post also from yesterday about the wreck. It is amazing how God watches over us.
I saw that ya'll plan to be in Blounstown FL in March. That is only about an hour from hear I hope we could come and hear ya'll.
See ya,

Anonymous said...

Ooops! Sorry, that is not supposed to read "I wants to go to college" but he wants to go to college. How duh of me. Oh well I'm human and humans sure make mistakes. :)

Jay Kay said...

I like all the pictures. I like to take nice pictures of anything that is pleasing to me, though I don't have a good camera. I found the blog through your family's blog.