Monday, January 08, 2007

A hunger for God

"I AM...your
exceedingly great reward."
Genesis 15:1

When God is the supreme hunger
of our hearts,
He will be supreme in everything.
-John Piper


Megan said...

I absolutely LOVE that quote by John Piper!!! And that picture of Alaythia is adorable!!!!

Joel said...

That is a good quote. It's a reminder that He must be alone in first place.

VandeHeiFamily said...

Beautiful quote Bethany! Oh that it would be so in my life all the time!


Jacob said...

An awesome post! I'm not normally all down with all the flowers & quotes, but this is a great photo-- and you can never go wrong with Scripture! :-D

Peace. --Jacob

abi said...

Beautiful, challenging post...darling picture!!

Happymama said...

That's a very true quote, Bethany. The less we hunger for Him, the less He will rule in our hearts.


Victoria said...

That picture is just too beautiful!!!

You use a Nikon D70?! That's my dream camera! Well, maybe I should just aim for the newest Nikon D40. :D Did you buy your camera 2nd hand?

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Happymama referred me to your site and I was just stopping by to take a peek. You have a beautiful blog and 13!! I would love to have a big family like that!

BrittLeigh said...

What a gorgeous picture! Alaythia looks so much like her mom there ;). I really appreciated that quote too. Thanks for sharing that!


Nicole said...

Just browsing around...Your blog looks very nice! I really like the quote from John Piper. It is so true!
God Bless, Nicole

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

What a sweet picture! I know that sounds anything but original by now, but I mean every word of it. Good quote! It is something to chew on.

Christina said...


I actually just sent in an application for thier prizewinning photography course this spring! Makes me kind of nervous to think aobut going but I have heard wonderful things aout it and I will love learning more about photography.


Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree with Brittleigh that Alaythia looks like Mrs. Wissman on that picture!
Such a cute picture!!