Thursday, January 11, 2007


Hooray! Our brown-ish/brown-ish scenery is supposed to be undergoing a major change this weekend. White, shimmering, delightful snow is in the weather forecast! [grin]
I can't wait, and hope the forecast is right! Sledding hill, here we come! (maybe...)


Goldfish said...

I'll pray for snow, for Nebraska, NOT for North Dakota -- it snowed today and the wind was blowing -- it was SOo cold!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bethany this is the best forecast all season!! I'll be praying for you guys to get some, and if you can make sure it stays on track for us when it leaves your place:) JConner

Kris said...

It is about time that Nebraska catches up with us! We have had snow since right after Christmas! Although I haven't gone sledding yet! But Micki and I have talked about going skiing!

God Bless

p.s thanks for your comments!

Brittney said...

Hey! Not fair! That is soooo not fair! The countryside around here is very brown and the forecast promises nothing but MAYBE flurries or slight chances of snow.

Make sure you enjoy it for your Wisconsin friend ;) Miss ya!

Miriam N. said...

Ahhh...Snow is but a dream down here in the South. My brothers always joke about forgetting what it looks like. :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, we have had an unseasonably mild winter so far here in Alabama. Really more like spring. For example, right now it is 70 degrees outside and expected to be a low of 53 degrees overnight. I have daffodil leaves 6 inches out of the ground and iris buds that usually don't show their heads until April. Poor plants don't know what season it is!
I enjoy visiting your blog, Bethany. So artistic and spiritually refreshing.
Mrs. Hart
(miriam rebekah's mother)