Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Caption Contest

With the completion of our new CD, it brings back to mind the three days we spent in the recording studio. Even little Charissa went in for a day! We put some ear phones on her (they were bigger than she was!), held her up to the mic, and she sang right on cue!

Not bad for a 10 day old baby, eh?!

Any ideas to what she is singing or saying?! I'd love to read your captions or quips!


Will Corby said...

Wow! They sure start 'em early these days!

Anonymous said...

"I love my Daddy and Mommy, and I love my brothers and sisters, and I love my Grandpa and Grandmas, and I love Jesus!!"
Such a cutie!! :)

Anonymous said...

"This is Charissa filling in for Rush Limbaugh, what's your comment on the White House and Christmas Trees today?"


Goldfish said...

"If someone would take these earmuffs off, then maybe I could hear myself sing!"

Anonymous said...

"My family is too easily impressed! All I do is open my mouth and they all clap and cheer and even take pictures!" :)

Brittney said...

oh my, where's her cheeks??

Okay, that's not a caption, but that's the first thing I thought of when I saw this picture :D. SUCH a CUTIE!!!!

Anonymous said...

"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!" :D
Love you lots,

Anonymous said...

away in a manger( in steward Neb) is where this precious Babe lays her sweet head

Anonymous said...

Here's some comment that sprang into my head when I saw this picture:

"Ok, family, now work with me here!"

"Really now, how long is this note?"

"So really now, how do I look in these new headphones? Do you think they are a little to big? I do like the instant brother that comes with them. I thought they were a good deal. So it's shopping after this take, right?"

"You said my album is coming out when?"

"Now if they would just hold the music up like they are holding my headset we'd be in good shape."

Anonymous said...

fret not!

Anonymous said...

"Oh yeah; I love this song!"

Charissa is sooooo adorable, Bethany!