Wednesday, November 29, 2006

House...or Home?

Is the house that you live in a mansion of sorts,
With pillars and arches and wide open courts?
Or is it a quiet and humble abode,
That's far down the lane on an old country road?

Is the house that you live in a new modern place,
With eye pleasing furniture; curtains and lace?
Or is it quite faded and worn out with use,
With a creak on the stairs; a nail slightly loose?

Do you think that it matters to the Lord looking down,
If you live in the country or a great busy town?
He looks past the woodwork, the curtains, wall cracks,
And sees it a home: virtue learned; where it lacks!

You see there's a difference 'tween a house and a home.
Each one has its place in our heavenward roam.
A house is a shelter: four walls, a few shingles.
A home is a family where love and joy mingles.

So whatever your house, whether small, large, or wide,
Remember the true value is found deep inside.
In the Daddy, the Mommy, the young and the old,
A home contains treasures a house cannot hold!

So rather then gaze on the house - rich or poor,
Please know that the value that matters much more
Is the love and the smiles on each member's face -
"Our house is a home, because of God's grace!"

-Rachel Wissmann, 2000

We made it! Pulling in at 1 AM this morning, it is truly a delight to be home once again. There is no place, no place, like home.


Anonymous said...

Rachel did a wondeful job on this poem! It's really good!
Glad y'all got home safe and sound!
There is NO place like home! :-)

Brittney said...

Oooooooh! You're home! You're home!!! In that big ol' beautiful love-packed home of yours :D. (((hugs)))

What a SWEET poem! Wow, you sure have a talented sis ;).

Anonymous said...

OH, you got to meet the Mallys! Sarah is sooo sweet, isn't she!! I just love her smile! Where did you meet them?

GraceE... said...

YEAH!!! You're home! Will I see you Sunday??!! I hope so! Can't WAIT to see you all! Missed you!
Love, Grace

Jacob said...

It reminded me of Doctor Seuss. :-6 Gotta admit, though, I like it. :-D

I'm glad to hear from you again-- it's been a long time since Thanksgiving!


Unknown said...

Welcome back, Bethany! There's truly no place like home! Glad you all made it back safely.

And wow, you've got snow!!! We're told it's coming, but so far all we've got is near zero temperatures!

Anonymous said...

Ah...Bethany,what a touching poem to post! Great job, Rachel! We are so grateful to the Lord that you are all home safe and sound...there truly is nothing like being HOME. Welcome back!

Love you,

P.S.Perfect picture, it feels cooolllddd enough to have snow!:)

Bethany said...

Ho-hum..the truth comes out! No -- we don't have snow! But this is the only picture I have of our from last winter. With unpacking and getting our house back in order, I didn't have time to run and grab a new photo. I figured this picture was better than none at all?! :D And snow is coming, right?!

Anonymous said...

hey bethany!
i love, love, love the new bio picture you have! totally gorgeous!
love ya~

Anonymous said...

I love the poem!! and the photo is great too!!
It was so fun to see your family this morning! We are looking forward to hearing you tomorrow night!! And sounds like you'll be here Monday morning, 3 times in 3 days!!That is a record!! I love your new bio photo too! Give Charissa a huge for me, I missed holding her this morning!! Its been so fun to see her "live" the last several weeks!!
hope the walk thru bethlehem goes well tonight!!
love ya chels

Anonymous said...

I meant to say "hug"!