Monday, November 13, 2006

Audience of One

"Whoever offers praise
glorifies Me."
Psalms 50:23

God's glory is not dependant upon how many people are listening.
It is not dependant on others attitudes.
It is not dependant on how well I sing or play.

Rather, it is my heart attitude.
If I praise Him, then He is glorified.
I sing for an audience of One.


Rachel Marie said...

Powerful words, Bethany! Did you write them up yourself?

Beautiful words, portraying an honest, humble attitude...

Great picture, too! ;-)

Thanks for posting!

Unknown said...

Amen, Bethany!!! My thoughts so often these last several months. So often we measure how much glory God is getting by the external evidence and fruit it produces. Our heart is truly the root issue, though, and even in light of the most obvious human failures, God can get glory if our heart honestly offers all up for His praise and honor! This is such a freeing perspective, especially for those in ministry! Thanks so much for sharing! It really blessed my heart!

Bethany said...

Yes -- I wrote it. (I actually posted something original! :) With such a busy weekend of singing and ministering, this is the verse and insights the Lord gave me this weekend. What a blessing His Word is!

Elizabeth E Pruett said...

Worship is all important. It is completely for Him!

Kristi said...

Such a wonderful thought. Amen!


Brittney said...

Wow! That is sooooooooo good, Bethany! Thanks for sharing that. What a blessing to read. And I must add that your sweet spirit reflects the fact that your audience-of-One is glorified!!


Anonymous said...

Wow Bethany! Those are very powerful words! I was just thinking about that this morning! It doesn't matter how others think and react to me, but what God thinks about my heart attitude!
I noticed in the picture...your Dad is wearing glasses?? Is that a new thing or have I just not noticed it before?

Anonymous said...


Those are some really moving insights that the Lord gave you! Thank you for sharing them with us. It is so easy to want to do things for numbers, rather than the glory of God. What a stirring challenge to do everything for that audience of One! It is...the most important audience there is!!

Love to you,