Thursday, October 26, 2006

The written Word

"I will delight myself in Thy statutes: I will not forget Thy word.

Thy word is very pure: therefore Thy servant loveth it.

Thy word is true from the beginning: and every one of Thy righteous judgments endureth for ever.

Thou hast magnified Thy word above all Thy name."

Psalms 119:16, 140, 160; 138:2

The scriptures are shallow enough for the babe to drink from without drowning, and deep enough for the greatest theologian to swim in without ever touching the bottom.

-St. Jerome


Anonymous said...

Bethany, That's a great quote. Thanks so much for sharing it. What an awesome God we serve!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Powerful quote, and touching scriptures! Thank you for again blessing my day. The picture not only fits the post, but is a lovely compliment to it all!!

"What a mighty God we serve! What a mighty God we serve! Angels bow before Him. Heaven and earth adore Him. What a mighty God we serve!"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for minding God and the timely post,Bethany. May we never lose a hunger for God's Word. JConner

Morgan said...

Thanks so much for posting this, Bethany! It encouraged me so much.
I accidently deleted your comment you made on my blog, and I didn't even get a chance to read what you said! I am feel so silly...I am new to this, so I do not know what I am doing yet! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Bethany, that is such a wonderful quote! Thanks for sharing that.

(((hugs))) ;)

Elizabeth E Pruett said...

That is a good quote. Thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

That quote by St. Jerome is so powerful! I am going to write it out and put it on my wall.

Kaylene said...

Hi Bethany!
I have enjoyed reading you blog ever since someone referred me to the article you published,"Why I'm Not Saving My Heart For My Husband"

To my surprise, when my cousin Chandra was visiting me from Wyoming, she showed me your family's blog, and I realized the singing Wissman family that her family spoke so much about, was indeed YOUR family. It was so neat! When visiting Chandra, Alyssa and their family, we watched the recording of ya'll singing at the Bridger Revival. Anyways, I've been reading your blog a lot, and I thought I would drop a note and say hi.