Wednesday, August 23, 2006


"Love thinketh no evil."

This is the grace for suspicious people. The possession of it is a great secret of personal influence. You will find, if you think for a moment, that the people who influence you are people who believe in you. In an atmosphere of suspicion men shrivel up; but in an atmosphere of guilelessness they expand and find encouragement. Love imputes no motive, and sees the bright side.


Unknown said...

What a challenge to live up to. That summed it up so perfectly I can't add a thing!

Kristi said...

I believe Andrea said it best when she said What a challenge to live up to. AMEN


Anonymous said...


What can I say? I quess there is nothing else to say!:) The PICTURE, the post, everything flows so well, and once again I was not only challenged, but convicted, and spurred on!


His blessings to you, for so faithfully, and humbly blessing others. We truly are 'Blessed to be a blessing'!

Love ya!

PS--Were in the world did you find such an adorable little goat to take a picture of, hmmmm...?

Brittney said...

Aw, that goat looks like Abby! :) Great post... So true!


Elizabeth E Pruett said...

Great post! I love this series you are doing.

Anonymous said...

Oh!!! I enjoyed looking at your blog! The pictures are great! I especially like how you add scripture and scriptural principles to them!
May God bless you as you continue to let your light shine!

God's bless,

p.s. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Anonymous said...

One question... How did you get the "are you a good person" quiz/test on your blog?

Bethany said...

Hey Darleen! Thanks for stopping by my blog (and also to the rest of my faithful readers!) How boring blogging would be without hearing all your insight and input as well!

As to how I got the "good person" test on my blog...if you click the box, the test will come up. At the very bottom of the test are a few more links. The one you want is "Resource Center." On that web page you will find all the instructions for copying the html code into your web page format, plus other wittnessing tools. I hope this answers what you are looking for!

God bless!

Alyssa Faith said...

Thanks Bethany!
I needed to hear this. What an encouraging word.