Saturday, July 29, 2006


"Love rejoiceth in truth."

It includes, perhaps more strictly, the self restraint which refuses to make capital out of other's faults; the charity which delights not in exposing weakness of others, but 'covereth all things.' He will accept only what is real; he will strive to get at facts; he will search for truth with a humble and unbiased mind.
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Andrea said...

Hmmmm, good reminder. Focusing on others faults, instead of giving them the benifet of the doubt, only gives us reason to be satisfied and content with how "spiritual" we are. I find such encouragement in my dad as he's always seeing the best in people - truly a virtue I want to have more of!

Absolutely beautiful picuture!!

Elizabeth Ellen Moore said...

Sincerity is to be our goal when dealing with others. As always, Jesus is the supreme example. He never used anyone for his personal gain or delighted in the weaknesses of those around him. Great post, and I love the picture!

Acts 2:17-18 said...

I love your site Bethany! This is so good to read. I have pondered this same thing and have been thinking how when I was in the world, it was common to see folks tear others down but how different this is for the follower of Jesus. We are to be builders, just as Paul was who longed for others to grow in gace and in the knowledge of Chirst. Jesus loved the unlovable, the poor, the maimed with great love and compassion. What could be more holy than that?! How I desire to see God glorified in me by loving others in this way, too.

Seein your family was a great blessing and the way you all minister by going to the prison and etc., really blesses my heart. You all have awesome talent but it is the love that makes your ministry so great. May God keep you humbly serving Him with the grace to love others, no matter what their condition.

Revivals come from above
when Chirstians learn to love!

Rachel Marie said...

Beautiful picture! I'm amazed at it! Wow, you really got a perfect picture of a butterfly there!:-) I love it!

So true~
Christ desires sincerity of heart in all that we do, whether big or small!

BrittLeigh said...

I really appreciated this, Bethany! It seems often that this is one thing that lacks, and may it not be so in my heart!


Hannah Michelle said...

Bethany...I'd like to get in touch with you about something. Can you please send me an email at: sunshine4jesus [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thanks!!! Talk to you soon. :-)

Hannah Michelle said...

Oh, not to rush you, but I should mention it would be great if you could write before Thursday...otherwise it kinda defeats the purpose. ;-) (Now I have it sounding all mysterious. LOL)

Anonymous said...


Thank you again for your blog, and timely posts! As I read this yesterday, I was soooo, convicted of how often I make capital of others faults, rather than focus on the truth.=( What a challenge to me!

May God continue to bless you for blessing others, and may He pour out those divine moment posts ideas that meet so many needs!

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