Wednesday, July 26, 2006


" kind."

Love active. Have you ever noticed how much of Christ's life was spent in doing kind things? You will find that He spent a great proportion of His time simply in making people happy...God has put in our power the happiness of those about us. Where love is, God is; for God is love.

Therefore love - without distinction, without calculation, without procrastination. There is a difference between trying to please and giving pleasure. Lose no chance of giving pleasure.
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. Your blog is such a refreshing, lovely spot, Bethany. Always gives my heart a little smile of encouragement and challenge when I visit (which I should do more often!).

God bless you richly! :-)

Rachel Marie said...

'Love is active...'

What a thought... a very true thought!

One cannot say that they love God, or others, and sit idle!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm afraid I don't put love into action enough. That's an awsome thought; love is active.