Friday, June 09, 2006

We're headed out once again --

for camp time has arrived! I probably won't be posting here for a few weeks since getting on-line is always sporadic while we are on the road. You can check out our family blog for the most recent updates.

And since I have the hardest time pushing 'Publish Post' without posting a picture...

Here's one of Nathanael 3 years ago -- trying to drive bus! Maybe in a few (13!) more years... But isn't he cute?!


Anonymous said...

So cute!! I am glad you can't hardly post without a picture.

Love you, and see ya soon!

Brittney said...

What a cutie that little man was... and still is ;).

Have a wonderful trip! I'm praying for you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your family. That picture is so cute.

Rachel Marie said...

I agree with Britt about the "cute little man!" =)
Be prayin' for you all!!!

John said...

Hey! That is about the age I started driving:-)

Anonymous said...

How adorable!I love your photos, Bethany!

Anonymous said...

Hope you and your family are doing well and your ministry is reaching a lot of people.

I enjoy your pictures. You have such a lot of talent in your photography, music and your ministry. From your fan's comments, you are obviously an inspiration to a lot of people.

You mentioned at one point of not using a tripod on one of your pictures. You may have already tried this, but if not it comes in kind of handy. (If you've already heard of this skip the rest and go have some chocolate.)

Attach a piece of rather heavy string to a small bolt that fits into the tripod opening. (Probably a 1/4 x 20 bolt. But if you don't like mechanical things ask the guys in your family. Guys know that kind of stuff - we have to be good for something.)

The string should be long enough to reach the ground from camera eye level and a foot or so extra. Hold the camera at your viewfinder level and step on the string so it tightens the string slightly.

Between the tension on the string and a gentle "trigger" finger, it will usually steady the camera enough to get by with slower shutter speeds. It helps with low light levels and also allows you to use a smaller f-stop (higher number) if your want to increae depth of field.

If you are taking some of your beautiful flower pictures and are on your knees, just slip the string under your knee. Close-ups sometimes create more motion problems than regular shots.

With a little practice, you can also take multiple shot panaramoras with this if you don't have a tripod. The string will keep your camera steady and more in place. Mostly watch the horizon level as you shoot. You can overlap pictures a bit and then piece them together.

If you have a photo package on your computer it's easy to edit and piece things together and print them landscape. Or print pictures separately and cut them in by hand the old fashioned way. It works.

Sorry I write so long. But that's what teachers do, I guess.

Always wishing you the best. God be with you and your family.

Your ever anonymous:
Old threshers fan