Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A chance to die

An older missionary said something to Amy Charmichael when she was a young missionary that stayed with her for life. She had spoken of something which was not to her liking. His reply was,

"See in it a chance to die."
Elisabeth Elliot


Unknown said...

That is so very true. I know that often I need that perspective in the challenges that come my way. Am I willing in everything for Christ to be seen through me?

Brittney said...

Very good statement! That view point isn't necessarily a fun one... But it's what gets you through the tough stuff and makes you grow. Thanks for the reminder!

The Mom said...

That is a really neat quote... see in it a chance to die. It takes all selfish striving out of anything we do when we keep this perspective. Thanks for the reminder!

Rachel Marie said...

Awesome! I have the biography Elisabeth Elliot wrote on Amy Carmichael, called "A Chance to Die."
To die to self means to live in Christ!!!
And, no, it is certainly not fun or easy to retain that viewpoint, but have we any other choice (if we want to whole-heartedly serve Christ)?!

Anonymous said...

While I was reading in the bible this morning I came across a verse that said we are to live with Christ shining in us. Those aren't the exact words but it fit with the qoute you had.