Monday, May 29, 2006

My Weekend

"Clear prop!" my brother Josiah shouted as we prepared for take off.

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon and Andrew, Elizabeth and I were headed out with Josiah, flying to Illinois for the weekend. Josiah needed some more flying time, and so we were excited to be taking a trip with him, heading out to our cousin's high school graduation.

Elizabeth and I all set and ready to for take off!

We had a beautiful flight. The weather was perfect for flying, and we all enjoyed seeing planet earth from thousands of feet in the air. It was very special to be able to take this trip, not to mention all the wonderful brother and sister time together!

The Mississippi river

We arrived safe and sound, and had a wonderful weekend with our extended family. The graduation ceremony was that night, and then they had an open house on Saturday night.

Helping my cousin Rebecca arrange flowers for her open house

In order to make it back to Nebraska for a church service, we got up at 3:30am Sunday morning.

Josiah fueling up the plane

We had a wonderful flight back to Nebraska, landing about 9:30. And sixty minutes later we were dressed in our matching clothes, sound checked, and praying as a family in preparation to minister together. is good to be back!

An Illinois sunrise from 8,500 feet in the air --

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases,
His mercies never come to an end!
They are new every morning -
New every morning.
Great is Thy faithfulness O Lord!
Great is Thy faithfulness.


Unknown said...

Those are good photos as usual! I really enjoy flying (as a passenger) and taking photos from the air. Which NE airport did you fly in and out of?

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun. I am working on getting my Private License and I can barely wait for the day that I will be able to bring my family up with me.

Bethany said...

We flew out of Springfield, Missouri on Friday, (we'd been down there for a funeral) and then we flew into Beatrice, Nebraska on Sunday morning. Josiah is such a good pilot -- I love flying with him!

Rachel Marie said...

Wow! Sounds like you had quite the weekend!
How exciting!=)
We live less than a half hour from the shores of the Mississippi River, so I liked that picture of the River which you took...=)
So glad you all had safe flights, too!
I love that sunrise picture, too— something like a sunrise as beautiful as that just makes me marvel at the splendor and majesty of God and His creation! And to think He cares and knows about each and every one of us...! From heaven, we must look smaller than grains of sand!

What an awesome thought! =)

Thanks for sharing the pictures and news with all of us!
God bless you and yours!

Anonymous said...

That's neat that you have a brother who knows how to fly! I'll take flying over long drives any day. LOL Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! :-)

Kori said...

wow! that looks like so much fun!!!! Your pictures are beautiful! Glad ya'll had a safe flight!!

Brittney said...

Oh my, that's absolutely awesome! My brother was in the air this weekend too--more extensive EMT training in Mayo One helecopters. That would be weird to have a brother who's a pilot ;). Looks like you had a blast.

Iron sharpeneth iron......Prov. 27:17 said...

Glad to hear you had such a great trip!!!! The picture of the Missouri River is Awesome!! I love the view from the air!! The sunrise is really pretty too!!!

The Mom said...

I used to live an hour from the Mississippi river (WI/MN boarder) and always LOVED the time we'd spend on it's shores. It's so beautiful. All your pics were awesome as well as the exciting recount of your time in the air.

I keep wondering though, was your mom nervous about your flying adventure?! If she's the way most moms I know are, she must've been praying for everyone of God's angels to be in and around your plane.

God bless Josiah for safely managing your flight so well and bringing you all safely home.

Bethany said...

Yes -- Mommy was praying for us while we were in the air! Praise the Lord for His protecting angels and for praying mothers.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures! I love looking at your blog! It's so fun when you come to Hiawatha and sing with your family. You are all so talented and blessed! Hope to hear from you!
Kourtney Pyle

Anonymous said...

Bethany,No Fare!!! I I can't wait till Jacob or I have our pilot license!It's so cute cause now that I'm into photography he's alway's keeping his eye's open for the best kind of plane to take pictures from and showing them to me.I think he's hopping that I'll get really excited and help him pay the cost to build it!!The bad thing is it just might work!!We just found out about a new flight type of program that I think we'll be looking into .we're both really excited.
Maybe you'll be looking at some of my pictures from the air befor too long!!
Love Amanda

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! The sunrise pic is beautiful!!! What a wonderful thing it is to see Yahweh's breathtaking creation from the air!
Today some family, a friend, and I were blessed enough to go up in an open cockpit biplane for a quick ride! Wow! God is sooo good! His creation never ceases to amaze and thrill me!!!!!