Monday, May 22, 2006

As you can tell by my inconsistent blogging, my life does not center around my blog! But here is a quote I was challenged with today, (although I had to read it through a couple of times to get the whole gist of it due to the old, old English!)

Stand still awhile, and seriously consider the noble end for which thou wast created, and for which God hath placed thee in this world! Thou wast not created for time and the creature, but for God and eternity, and to employ thyself with God and eternity.

And thou are in the world, to the end that thou mayest again seek God, and His countenance which giveth blessedness, from which thou hast turned thyself away by sin; in order that thou mayest become thoroughly sanctified and enlightened, and that God may have joy, delight, peace, and pleasure in thee, and thou in God.
Gerhard Tersteegen


Rachel Marie said...

"Thou wast not created for time and the creature, but for God and eternity, and to employ thyself with God and eternity."

Very powerful words! And so true, too!
May we be ever mindful of that God-ordained truth! An eternal perspective is all that really matters in the end!=)

Don't worry about your "inconsistent blogging"! I know how it is...=)

God bless you Bethany, as you bless others!

Rachel Marie said...

I forgot to mention,
I love that photograph!=)
Very striking!

Three Sisters Blog said...

Your blog is very nice! That was a great post!!
3 sisters

BrittLeigh said...

What a quote. I had to read it a couple times too. I love how poetic and poignant the Old English is. Thanks for sharing that... and once again: awesome picture. So dainty and delightful ;).

Anonymous said...

As you can tell by our inconsistent posting, our lives do not center around blogging either. In fact, I am writing this on May 26.
I greatly enjoyed this posting as I have so many others.Your quotes and Bible verses always go so well with your pictures. Your blogs have always encouraged and challenged me ,and one time your posting was a specific answer to prayer.(Hopefully I can tell you about it sometime time.)
We really do love and appreciate you and your family ,and we do think about you all and pray for you all much more than we blog!!
Looking unto Jesus
Jason Conner

Bethany said...

I would enjoy hearing the specifics of your answer to prayer, Jason, if it would work out. For my prayer for this blog has been that it wouldn't be a time filler in my day, but truly a blessing to others; that it would make a difference in the world I live in.

Anybody can blog -- only GOD can give the increase and fruit!