Monday, April 24, 2006

This and That

Okay, so I discovered one bad thing about being a photographer and traveling the countryside. Every so often I find myself saying, "Quick! Stop the bus! I need a picture of this! It is so incredible!" (grin)

As is often the case, they don't. And I miss so many pictures! Like hundreds of pheasants flying out of the prairie grass as we drove...the awesome sight of the mountains as we came over the hill.
Oh well. Those will have to remain memories that I can't share with you in photo format. It is a good thing the driver doesn't always stop though -- for then we would probably be late to our engagements!

A lone antelope on the countryside

The mountains -- my God is so big!

We are asked to do the impossible task,
but we work with Him who can do the impossible.
-Hudson Taylor

Aren't you glad for His 'big-ness?' And that in His big-ness He cares for the little details of life?


Anonymous said...

LOL! That sounds SO much like me! I frustrate my family often in my photography escapades!

So incredible to hear about the Lord's providence for your family! He is SO awesome in His creative ways to take care of His children!!!!

Unknown said...

Where was the mountain photo taken? It looks like a place I've been before, but I can't remember the location.

Bethany said...

The mountain is near Sheridan, Wyoming. There is so much beautiful scenery out here!

Unknown said...

Yes, I was just there last spring, coming down from Montana and the Rockies on the way back from Alaska. I sure thought that was familiar.

Unknown said...

Sometimes when travelling there are some things I see from the window that I don't want to miss so I just take the photo anyway. My Nikon does a pretty good job of focusing on distant stuff from a moving car, but I can't do that for close-up objects.

Brittney said...

Those were awesome pictures. My sympathies go out to you and your camera. *smile* Thanks for sharing those awesome pictures! Wow! Incredible. Those pictures bring back memories of the ONE time I went farther west than Seward NE (to Loveland CO)! :oD

Anonymous said...

Greetings Bethany!

Wow! What a challenging quote! How often I think I cannot do something, and I serve who? The God of the impossible! Which means... I can do anything with Him on my side! So true--so profound-- so simple--but yet so hard! The picture is breathtaking, and captures His splendor! We do serve an AWESOME GOD!

Thank you again, for sharing His glory, and majesty with us! I can see your smiles through the blog!

You are a huge encouragement, and blessing!

Love, your sis!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil.4:13