Monday, April 03, 2006

A glass of water

A cup brimful of sweet water cannot spill even one drop of bitter water, however suddenly jolted.
~Amy Charmicael

I had my whole family laughing at me during dinner. And all because of the picture I included in my post today. It started out innocent enough -- with Grandma and Grandpa Hager here, Rachel had me running around getting pictures of them to blog on our family blog. I was in the middle of it all when the call for dinner came -- so my camera came to the table with me!

I was one of the first ones done eating, and a quote from the weekend came to mind, so I pulled out my camera and started "shooting" a close up. "What are you doing?" and "That MUST come from the Wissmann side of the family -- none of us Hager's would do that!" and "Bethany has to much time to think of crazy things while she folds laundry," and other such teasing comments floated around the table as we all laughed.

So you see the picture above, along with the quote that started it all. Do you think it was worth it? I'm still trying to decide! But I love the quote -- if I am so full of the joy of the Lord, then no matter what unplanned or unpleasant situation arises, I can respond with His joy! But if I am full of 'me,' then guess what will spill out?! A selfish me!

Mabye I didn't need a picture to post along with that quote, but since I went to all that trouble... (grin)


BrittLeigh said...

Hey that was really good! You have a neat way of combining thoughts and pictures on your blog! God bless you!

Anonymous said...

I think the picture, and quote are perfect! It may have seemed funny at the time to those watching, but I am so glad you posted it anyway! You see, I was jolted at times today, and quite honestly, it wasn't always sweet water that spilled out. So--through the quote and picture, I was not only convicted, but challenge! Thank you, thank you for posting it! Your cup is spilling over that sweet water!!

Love ya'

PS--When I saw the picture, I actually thought to myself, "Look at what that creative Bethany, came up with now!"

Hannah Michelle said...

Well let them laugh! ;-) I think it really gives your point more impact when you have a visual aid.

Anonymous said...

i like the picture!:)
sounds like my family (the teasing)