Friday, March 03, 2006

Sunsets & God's Love

Today I had a very special blessing from the Lord. Earlier this morning I was thinking, "You know, I haven't gotten any good sunset pictures on this trip yet. Bummer!" And I continued on with what I was doing. I didn't even pray, asking God to enable me to get a sunset picture. But God is so good -- He sent me one! It was so beautiful. Again it put me in awe of His creation, and His love for me that cares about the details of my life. Don't you love it when God does special things that make you feel like He reached down and gave you a big hug? I do!

Before me, even as behind,
God is, and all is well.


Anonymous said...

I am in ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
of how you can capture his glory

Anonymous said...

Very nice composition Bethany.I love this picture.When you get a chance could you e-mail me your camera model.I couldn't remember what one you have.I just talked to a guy that shoots profesionaly for the national gaurds and he has a Nikon D1H.We actually had a good conversation even though I shoot Canon!! Love Amanda

Unknown said...

That is a very good photo! Where was it taken?

Bethany said...

The picture was taken near Orlando, Florida -- a very beautiful and peaceful lake.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Bethany! I think this tops all your blog post thus far! What an awesome God we serve to create such a magnificent sunset! I was in awe of the one here tonight, and am alwayed amazed at the different ones He sends each night. Our God truly has variety! Thank you for sharing His beauty with us!

Love ya, and see you soon!!