Monday, March 13, 2006

Home Sweet Home!

And I'm home again! And with coming home after a five week trip there is all the catch up to, eh? I think my "to do" list is a mile long! (At least it seems that way sometimes.) And our laundry pile is a mountain again, which reminds me that it is time to go switch the clothes in the machines. Blessings on your day! Focus on Him and let Him be your joy!

I am promised eternity -- I am not promised tomorrow.
Make each day count!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful colors Bethany,what prety flowers.This is a very nice picture,it makes me want to get back in to some more flower photography again.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the great reminder, and the beautiful picture! The quote goes so well with the picture. God has given you a gift, and you are blessing others through it! I am always challenged through watching you, and reading this blog, thank you! May His love overflow in your heart today!

Love ya'