Thursday, February 02, 2006

"It is more blessed to give than to receive." Acts 20:35
This is my verse for the day from my devotional time in God's Word this morning. How many different people can I give to today? And how many different ways is there to give? Time. Gifts. Praise. Love. A smile. A helping hand. It doesn't have to be big - just having the attitude of living for others instead of myself makes such a differance. Being a giver means more than having big fancy presents for everyone, rather it is an attitude of the heart - joyfully serving those I love, giving of myself for them.

So...did I take the time today to let someone know,
rather than just guess, that I care?

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abi said...

Thank you for sharing with others the power of giving. How true, that it doesn't have to be big, and all wrapped up, but more importantly all the little things--which in light of eternity are bigger than any gift we can ever give! I was challenged to wonder, if what I do shows that I care, or not? Your questions are always so gripping! They caused me to ask myself if I am giving in a way worthy of the call of Christ Jesus. Thank you for being a giver in a way that shows you care!

Love you'