Saturday, November 07, 2015

Plexus 7 Day Challenge

The last month my life has consisted of packing (in preparation to move in three weeks!!), recovering from getting my wisdom teeth removed, editing recent weddings pictures, and as you know, not blogging in my spare time! Oh! And we had family pictures taken! Picture overload happening soon. [grin]

Until I am back to posting here regularly, feel free to follow me on Instagram @capturedbybeth for updates and happenings!

Now...on to the reason I'm finding time to blog tonight...

I love this picture.

Not only because I think my littles are cute while playing peekaboo after their bath, but also because my son's skin is as clear as his big sister's. This is a big deal. At two months old he broke out with eczema that made his cheeks, arms, legs, and back all raw and oozy, even bleeding at times when I couldn't keep him from itching as he slept. It hurt to see him suffering so much, and tho it's been a journey with lots of ups and downs and trying many different things, my heart is so happy tonight as I see the healing that has taken place.

In the past 6-9 months, Plexus products have made all the difference for my little boy and have been such an answer to prayer. They have been a life changer in dealing with Caden's food sensitivities and skin issues. If Caden eats the slightest trace of dairy or eggs, his face and hands break out immediately and he begins itching like crazy. Within minutes of giving him plexus and using their body cream, he stops itching -- and his skin clears up within the hour.

Previously when he broke out, it would take 24-36 hours for his system to flush and during that time he'd itch his skin raw again, which meant another week of healing (if he didn't scratch his scabs open during that time). Believe me, dealing with it for an hour instead of 3-7 days has made for a much happier toddler and mommy.

The reason I'm taking the time to share this right now is because Plexus is offering FREE SHIPPING the whole month of November. Also, if you are curious or want to learn more without making a lengthy commitment, I invite you to join the 7 day challenge my sister Ruth is organizing! I'm so excited about this. Every time I see the difference in my son, I want to share the products with  all the other mommies who are hurting and frustrated and searching for answers for their littles, or themselves!

I tried so many things. Creams, the doctors prescription, stricter diet, etc... I was skeptically hopeful when beginning Plexus. As much as I wished for it, nothing else had worked. I just wanted something to make a difference and help my baby heal. And now, months later, I see and live with the difference in our lives. My experience with Plexus deals mostly with eczema, but I have read many testimonies of  people of all ages finding answers and healing.

So here are the details:

The seven day challenge is starting on Wednesday the 18th. First, you need to get your order placed NOW so you can participate, and I have 10 spots for friends to sample Plexus for 7 days. 

Here are the requirements:
*You purchase and sample a 7-day trial pack of Plexus products.
*You participate in a closed secret Facebook group with the others.
*You give me HONEST feedback at the end of the 7 days.
First 10 people only! (Trials must be ordered by the 10th so they have time to ship)

(As with the other products Plexus sells, even the 7-day trials come with our 60-day Money Back Guarantee! And they are super inexpensive!)

*Must not be working with another Ambassador

Please let me know if you have any questions! If this is something you are interested in, please leave your email address in the comments, or email me at photosbybeth@yahoo[dot]com

Happy weekend y'all!!