Friday, March 28, 2014


Just a few more pictures of what's keeping me busy these days...

My baby missed the 'be a newborn for at least a month' memo.
Sporting three month clothing at three weeks is growing up entirely too fast...
and now Caden is almost two months old!

Ari is my big lil' helper and loves when I pop Caden in bed with her for a story or two. She has all sorts of songs and books memorized, and loves to entertain him (and me!)

 She doesn't quite understand why his attention span doesn't last as long as hers when she reads to him...

{...and he's still getting used to all the kisses}

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


{pulling EVERY.SINGLE.THING out of the basket 
to look for a very specific book she wants to read}
#bookworm #instagram

And the picture is in black and white because her outfit combo today is entirely distracting. My girlie is already old enough to have preferences when it comes to her clothes!