Wednesday, August 21, 2013

hello, unexpected!

Have you ever been in the middle of prepping for some big event and everything is going smoothly, when all of the sudden something unexpected happens and suddenly you find yourself a bit panicked  and wondering how in the world everything is going to turn out? 

Say hello to my afternoon. 

Excited to be photographing a wedding this Saturday, today found me busy preparing by charging camera batteries and making sure all my extra cards were empty and ready. Everything was going like clockwork until I inserted a card into my camera -- and thought I heard a slightly unusual sound. I pulled the card back out, and tried inserting another card, but was unable to do so. Unfortunately, the sound I had heard was the first card breaking and leaving a minuscule piece of plastic stuck in the card reader, completely disabling the use of any card (except the broken one). 

'Frantic' only begins to sum up how I as feeling; my mind was racing with back up options and I found myself praying for an easy solution. Knowing that most camera shops don't do repairs in-store anymore but rather ship them off for weeks if they need fixed, I went ahead and took it to my local camera shop, hoping that this would be something they could fix! What would it take to dislodge a tiny piece of plastic stuck in the dark corner of a camera's super skinny card reader slot? 

A magnifying glass, flashlight, and extra long tweezers later, the broken piece was knocked loose and I was walking out of the store with a working camera! 

Relief. Thankfulness. A huge grin on my face. 

Happy Wednesday, everyone! 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

little shoes to fill

...and just in case the first picture doesn't tell our news, 
here are a few more...

 {the itsy-bitsy fifteen week baby bump}

Let all those those who seek You rejoice and be glad in You...
The Lord be magnified!
Psalms 40:16

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

beach baby

To celebrate the fact that I remembered to not only bring my camera along, but that I used it, too -- here are a few captured moments of the little girl who melts my heart each and every day.

 {summer days are perfect for a lazy, Sunday afternoon at the beach}

{too bright}

blue eyes and an adorable smile.
{i love this girlie!}

 {more evidence of summer: her first skinned knees}

{growing so fast}

Tomorrow is gone and I'm planning for tomorrow,
but I have been given TODAY to live, learn, and love!