Wednesday, July 17, 2013


{the little girly at my house has grown up enough to be my helper in the kitchen}

"...when you stop and look around, 
life is pretty amazing."
-Dr. Suess

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Change of plans

There is something about waking up to the sound of crying at 6am that lets you know that the day's plans will need to be changed. A low fever and a few other teething symptoms makes for a snuggly and slightly fussy girly. Poor thing!

So instead of a girls' day out to celebrate my birthday while waiting for Dan to get off work, we're partying at home by sitting on the couch with a pile of books, water, juice -- and kleenex's within reach. The kitchen sink is full of breakfast dishes, but I can't see it from my view on the couch. What a perfect day to catch up on e-mails, blogging, and browsing pinterest, right?!  {smile}

In the midst of a mostly quiet day, I'm thankful for a girl who is usually cheerful and healthy and who makes {the most adorable} animal sounds when reading picture books. I hear her sweet voice say "ma-ma" and I treasure this day because she is still small enough and I can cuddle and soothe her in the midst of a rough day.

I'm also grateful for the many birthday wishes scattered throughout the day from so many dear friends and family; what an incredible gift to love and be loved!

And tonight my best friend will walk through the door and wrap his arms around me, and make me feel so cherished, loved, and spoiled. Dan somehow manages to make my upside-down days right {just one of his many talents} and spending time with him is always a highlight.

Yes, today isn't going how I would have imagined or even planned it, but that's the beauty of life, right?!


The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, 
the inspiring, 
the not-so-glamorous moments.

And thank God through it all."
Meghan Matt

So here's to blueberry pancakes for supper, lazy days on the couch, wiping my girly's runny nose, quick phone calls, and an adorable new purse.

What has brought a smile to your face today?

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Full days!

Can you believe how fast the summer is flying? The past month has been busy with friends and celebrations in between the responsibilities of daily life. A few highlights:

^^spending a weekend with Grandpa and Grandma

^^ Katy flew in to visit for several! After only keeping in touch via- skype and texting for 12 months, it was such a delight to catch up with her. And Arianna promptly adopted her as another aunt. {smile}

^^off to a bridal/bachelorette party!

^^Dan ran in world's longest relay. 339 miles across Iowa. 47 hours, 4 minutes. {Can I say IMPRESSIVE?}

^^ reading love letters and celebrating FOUR years of wearing this gorgeous ring. A little heaven on earth!

^^melt-in-your-mouth molasses cookies for the birthday boy at my house

^^ Saturday morning smiles.
{We like weekends!}

^^ Celebrating summer by riding the ferris wheel at the Navy Pier!

^^getting to be such a big girl and becoming quite the little helper! {She was so disappointed we couldn't bring the cart home!}

And now I'm off to pack and prepare for a road trip to Nebraska to celebrate the 4th of July with family and friends! What are you plans for the weekend?