Monday, June 16, 2008

Prairie Bible Camp 2008

:: preparing ::

:: memorizing scripture ::

:: action ::

:: gator ball ::

:: Bible time ::

:: evidence of a strong German heritage ::

:: explorers ::

:: singing ::

This year we did a three part skit on the life of Martin Luther. What an amazing testimony! And Stephen did a great job as the lead actor...

:: the chapel ::

:: Bible stories ::

:: games ::

:: yes, love was in the air at camp, too ::

Praise the Lord for another wonderful year at Praire Bible Camp 2008!

You can check out more details, pictures, and the slideshow on our family blog...


Bontrager Family Singers said...

I especially like the picture of Mr. and Mrs. Wissmann!

Ruth Ann said...

love all the pictures!! :)

The last one is especially neat, the way you captured it is really neat.

Josiah and Abi Wissmann said...
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Josiah and Abi Wissmann said...

There all great!! But yes, I especially like the one of the soon to be Mr. and Mrs Wissmann!! (SMILE)

Unknown said...

Again, a wonderful post! I love all the pictures.

Anonymous said...

You did it again, Bethany! A whole host of wonderful pictures! Yet I know I'm entirely biased when I say this, but my favorite is of the 'soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Wissmann'! Am I entitled to that, or not?? Being biased that is?! lol

Thanks for giving of your time to bless others. God has bestowed on you such a gift, and I love seeing how you use it for HIS glory! Anxiously awaiting to see how HE uses YOU for His praise and honor at our wedding! :) Love you, sister!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow...looks like ya'll had a great time. I was hoping to maybe be able to come this year, but it didn't work out. Maybe next year?!?! :D

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time you must have had! :)
I wish someday I could come too... I would like it very much! ^^