Friday, September 14, 2007

Why... I always find myself giving excuses for having been away from my blog for so long?! [sheepish grin]

I can't use the excuse of a crazy summer, (summer is over!) I can't use the excuse of being on the road and not having access to the internet (we are home and getting on-line is a cinch). And I can't even use the excuse of it being 'random' month, because August is over! But I'll try to give you a quick summery of part of my weeks' activities, and maybe you'll find them sufficient excuses, anyway?!

In preparation for the new bed my brother Stephen has been building for the room I share with three of my sisters, our thoughts turned towards re-decorating. Considering that we haven't done anything with it for 7-8 years and the maturity level of its room-mates has dramatically gone up in that time, we all decided it was time for some fresh air and color and began brainstorming for ideas.

Before the week began....

.::why I didn't blog on Tuesday::.
Shopping with Mommy in Lincoln, I was thrilled to come home with quilts that were exactly the colors we were all wanting...and the fact that they were on a huge clearance rack made them even better!

The bed being completed frame-work wise, it was now dismantled for the process of being stained to match the woodwork in our bedroom. Many thanks go to Elizabeth, who put in some lo-o-ong hours and days, persevering to get it done.

.::why I didn't blog on Wednesday::.

Now for the paint! Taping, brushing, rolling, cleaning back up; maybe you know how that goes?
The bed continued to make progress as well; it was carefully timed so that both coats of varnish were applied in one day.

.::why I didn't blog on Thursday::.
The day that it all came together.
The bed was done.
The main accents were chosen.

After Matthias and Stephen carefully brought the bed frame pieces upstairs, the process began of putting it all together -- thanks, guys! What a blessing strong brothers are!

My sister Rachel is a curtain genius. Clearance curtains (a shout here for sales!), a little ribbon and a few berry bunches...aren't they adorable?! Thank you, Rachel!!

I still need to sew a few pillow shams and hang some pictures on the wall, but the majority of the work is done. We re-arranged the room a bit (which is quite a feat with the possessions of four girls having to be stored somewhere).

And last but not least -- the bedroom as of now!

(And am I excused from not blogging this week?!)


Treaty Line Farm said...

I am not a frequent "poster". But I love reading your blog! I love the curtins, just beautiful! I'd say you had a very good excuse for not bloging, though I miss when you don't. :)

Kori said...

YAY! Pictures of the new room! :) I love it! Stephen did a great job on the bed!! Looks good!

Jacob said...

You don't have to blog often to have a great blog. (At least, I hope not :D).

Peace! --Jacob

abi said...

Absolutely, you are excused from not having blogged! I'll admit, I did wonder where you'd gone off too?? Though now I know! :) I'd much rather have no blogging and a completed, beautiful bedroom...than tons of blogging with no bedroom done.

Way to go to each of you. I always stand amazed at your teamwork! The rooms is gorgeous!! Plus, I love the way the new bunks and arrangment open up the room! Great job y'all!!!

abi said...

PS--Your paint choice is great! :)It makes the wood look so rich, and pretty!

Claire said...

Wow! Your "new" room is stunning! The curtains are indeed lovely, and the whole place looks like it's full of sunshine and femininity. Thanks for letting us have a peek!

Your blog is beautiful!

Your Sister in Christ,

Goldfish said...

Wow! I love your bedroom! The bed frame is so awesome-- tell Stephen he did an excellent job! I think this calls for a visit, huh? :)

Just out of curiosity, who sleeps where?

And, NO, this does not mean, you are free of your blog obligations! Although I'm sure it took awhile to assemble this post. :) Well, maybe we could let you be free for the rest of the week, but on Sunday we'll expect a post. :D

Only 268 days until camp! :D Yippee, the countdown has begun!!

Nicole said...

Ahhhh! You've been busy, busy!

It's SO fun to see pictures!
I love it! :o)

Lauren Christine said...

Wow! What a beautiful transformation! :) I am inspired by the lovely curtains.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a beautiful bedroom! Stephen did a wonderful job on the bed!

This is my first time ever commenting, but I just wanted to let you know, Bethany, how much I admire your photos! I check by many times a day to see if you've posted, and if you haven't, I re-read old posts! :) You do a wonderful job! I'm constantly calling my mom over to the computer to look at your pictures!

By the way, thank you for posting! I was wondering where you were! :) But I realize you are a very busy young woman - keep up the great work! :)


Anna and Miriam said...

Great job! Everything is so pretty!

~AliisaJoy~ said...

BEAUTIFUL room!!! I just re-painted/decorated my room last year, and I LOVE it!! Isn't it nice to have some change every once in a while?!

I LOVE the bed!! We may have to get one of those - we have 5 girls in our bedroom right now, with the sixth moving in in a little while!

BrittLeigh said...

Wow, how beautiful and sweet and inviting!!!! aw, I wish I was just up the road a piece so I could see it one of these days. You guys are so creative. I love the curtains... and the bed is absolutely stunning. Will Stephen make one for me now? :) Funny.... I've been slathering paint in my bedroom lately as well.... Like they say, great minds think alike... :) Good job! Totally, totally gorgeous.

Rachel Marie said...

I Ditto Britt's Comment, totally! :)

Sweet curtains... neat idea! And wow, great job on the bed, too! :D

Ah, how wonderful to have that done... you must be so pleased. :)

CWB said...

Looks like a very sturdy, custom-made bed! Good job by Stephen. But there's no ladder! Or is this becoming an arm/shoulder-strengthening exercise each evening. :-)

Heather said...

I love to see decorating makeovers, and this one is lovely! I especially love the curtain treatments. Blessings to you today Bethany ~

DUSTYNNE said...

Yes, you're excused, but...PLEASE POST AGAIN SOON!!!!!!!!

I daresay we girls have been on your blog more than YOU have this week.



Stephanie said...

Your room looks beautiful! I love what a little paint, fabric, and some creativity can do!!

Anonymous said...

Excused without a doubt. And your blog has gone longer without posting (much longer). God bless brothers who are so willing to do that for their sisters. They did a great job. Smiles ;) and keep on praising the Lord.

The Bontrager Family Singers said...

Certainly, are excused!! BEAUTIFUL ROOM!! You all are just bursting with creativity....what an amazing makeover!
See ya soon!!

Anonymous said...

That looks very nice, Bethany! Sorry I didn't comment last night. Long but good day!I was way too tired! Jason
(Is that an ok excuse?):)

Suzanne said...

The room looks really nice. :) How do you get on the top bunk, though?

Erin said...

So gorgeous! and the room looks so lovely and feminine. And I have the same question everyone elese has - how do you get into the top bunk?!

Jessica said...

I love your new bedroom! And rachel's curtins are very lovely.i love reading your blog- even if theres nothing new I have tons of fun reading older stuff! B-T-W- I loved your oatmeal cookie recipe!

Rebekah S. said...

What a beautiful, feminine room!!