Monday, September 10, 2007

His melody

Tune Thou my harp;
There is not, Lord, could never be
The skill in me.

Tune Thou my harp,
That it may play
Thy melody,
Thy harmony.

Tune Thou my harp;
O Spirit, breathe Thy thought through me,
As pleaseth Thee.

-Amy Carmichael


Goldfish said...

Yeah! I saw your comment on my blog and then rushed over to your blog to see if you had an update. I am happy! :D I was very hyper today too. I got the insatiabal urge to jump in water puddles. So I did. Didn't wear a skirt today--lol.

Bryant said...

My sister found this poem several months ago, and excitedly came to show it to me.
It presents such a beautiful image! I must remember to let Him guide me, even as I play my harp!

Bryant said...

Oh, and while on the subject of harps, the very first harp I ever played was yours! Your family was playing at God's Mountain Camp in Rushville, MO about 5 years ago. I had been wanting to play the harp since I was very little. My mom convinced me to go and ask you about yours! You graciously showed me a few things about it, and I was so excited! :-)

Rachel Marie said...

Oh, that's Beautiful!!!

DUSTYNNE said...

Wow, that is so gorgeous. Excellent reminder! And a beautiful word picture as well.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bethany,
I haven't commented in a while although I do look at your blog :)
Beautiful picture! I hope all is well down your way.
God Bless,


I love harp music! I've always thought it would be so neat to learn to play. :) I have a lap harp, but it's nothing like having a "real" one, though it is fun. :)

annabellelisaviolet said...

Oh and GREAT photograph, by the way! Whomever did you have take that for you?! :D

The Bontrager Family Singers said...

Beautiful! I love the poem & photo.

Anonymous said...

Bethany, great post! May that ever be our prayer and attitude for His touch is our only way to ever really count for anything! BTW The Light and the Glory came in the mail yesterday and I started reading today. I am thankful and thrilled to have been able to buy it for only 3.77 with free shipping! God cares about everything! So far I have really enjoyed what I have read, but I need to stop reading for fun and start taking notes! :( Thanks for the info! JConner Ps. 90:17

brittneyleigh said...

aw, how beautiful, Bethany. Such a beautiful picture, and I absolutely LOVE the poem. And I certainly could stand to hear you play that harp of yours again sometime :). (((HUGS)))

Gem said...

The picture is wonderful, I love it. And the poem, so inspiring!!

Heather said...

There is beautiful humility in realizing who we are and who He is. Lovely post!

Beth said...

What a wonderful lady you are. Keep blogging..We need more blogs like yours!!
Blessings, Beth