Monday, September 17, 2007

On life's journey:

You can't live the same way
and expect new results.
Stephen R. Clark


DUSTYNNE said...

I heard that quote before and loved it. So true! Thanks!

By the way, that picture means so much more when matched up with that quote. So neat how photography and writing can go hand in hand!

Margaret Neufeld said...

I Like that. Just what I needed to hear! Thanks

Goldfish said...

So true!!

I'm so happy to see that you remembered your blog for this week! :)

Goldfish said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your new profile picture!!! But how come I can't see your profile? :(

Ginger said...

This was a neat post. I haven't been on your blog in a while. So it was nice to be able to catch up.

I really enjoyed looking at your bedroom post. I loved looking at the different stages of it coming along.

I just recently re decorated my room but haven't yet posted pictures. You got me excited to do it now though:)

abi said...

That is so very true! Thank you for taking the time to share it...I needed to hear that. By the way, I like your creative picture choice!

Rachel Marie said...

Hm, yes, so true! I've heard my Dad say that many times in this fashion:

"If nothing changes, nothing changes!"

True enough! :D

And I agree- your new profile pic, self-portrait is stunning! You look so lovely! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love that quote! Recently I have been thinking a lot about changes in life. Thanks for sharing it!
Don't you love photographing rail-road crossings? They are so much fun!

Esther said...

The thing changed to anonymous identity! Quite an accident. Thought you might wonder who this stranger was. :)