Saturday, July 07, 2007

Peace the deliberate adjustment of my life to the will of God.

"Let the peace of God rule in your hearts..."
Colossians 3:15

[peace: quietness, rest, SET AT ONE AGAIN]


BrittLeigh said...

Oh Bethany I LOVE that definition! As a beautiful song puts it "I find peace when I leave it in Your hands, sweet peace..... Just leave it there and never pick it up again...." And that's exactly where I want to place my life and leave it. Thanks for the precious reminder, Bethany!

And what a pretty picture! (Do you have any idea how gorgeous you are?? ;))

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethany,
I love the post!!!
Who took the pic? did Hannah?
Well who ever took it did a really good job.

Kaylene said...

This post is just one example of why I named you for the Blogger Reflection Award. :) Check out my blog!

Bethany said...

Britt -- you make me blush! :D

And Rachel gets the credits for taing the picture...she's becoming quite the photographer, too!

Kaylene -- thank you! Give glory to God!

annabellelisaviolet said...

Oh yes, Bethany -- you are beautiful. Not just in pictures, but in person even more so. Although I still think a little extra chocolate wouldn't hurt.

Happymama said...

This is so true, Bethany. A *quiet* Amen to that.


~Dustynne Noelle said...

Extra chocolate?? Now, can anyone tell me what CHOCOLATE has to do with beauty?? :D
Yes, Bethany, you are beautiful -- both inside and out! And I love that post. What a beautiful definition of peace!

Christina said...


Happy Birthday!!! Youi are exactly one year and one week older then I am. And we are both laundry girls!!!


PS Thanks for the email I will reply....soon...???

~Dustynne Noelle said...


Jacob said...

Happy birthday!

I hear you're memorizing Philipians? That's awesome! Some friends & I are trying to memorize through Romans. Would you stop by my blog and leave some memorization tips?

Your blog has been an encouragement, and a lot of fun too. Thanks and keep it up! --Jacob

guess who said...


Thank you for this taking the time to post this. It is just what I needed! The deliberate choosing to be surrendered to the will of God. If I'm not, then no peace.

You're a refreshment!

With many love, and hugs to you!

~Dustynne Noelle said...

Oh ok, I finally got around to your family blog....and saw your birthday post! :D
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!