Tuesday, July 17, 2007

At the judgment seat

Paul says that we must all, preachers and other people alike, "appear before the judgment seat of Christ." But if you will learn here and now to live under the scrutiny of Christ's pure light, your final judgment will bring only delight in seeing the work God has done in you.

-Osawald Chambers


abi said...

Oh, you mean I get to be the very first comment?! :) This hasn't happened in a looonnnggg time...what fun!

Thank you Bethany, for the simple, but profound post! I love the picture you chose, and how you set it in place. I remember reading that quote in my devotions before, and was challenged anew by the fresh reminder--thank you!

Did I tell you yet today, that you're a blessing? Well, YOU are! :)

Love, and hugs your way!

grace said...

that is sooo good!!!!
thank you for that lovely post:)
love,grace c.

BrittLeigh said...

that is a GREAT statement... By God's grace we can live the life that has no dread of judgment day. Thanks for sharing that...

And I love how it's oh-so-beautifully accented by that gorgeous photo. Beautiful.

Love you LOTS, sweet Bethany!

Jacob said...

This reminds me of something I read in Galatians 6 for a Bible study this week. Verse 4 says "But let every man prove his own work, and then shall he have rejoicing in himself alone, and not in another."

In reality, we will answer to Christ, not others; and we answer not for others' works, but for our own.

KarenW said...

very thought provoking quote, but a great encouragement! May God continue to richly bless you!

Anonymous said...

That was a great post, Bethany!!