Monday, April 02, 2007

NCHEA: The drama

Long ago and far away, where knights still saved maidens and the maidens still wanted to be saved... there was a boy, Andrake, who answered the call to began the journey to become a knight under the King.

The requirements to become a knight were:
-- to be set apart from other citizens by rising to a higher standard
-- to honor those placed in authority over him
-- to guard his heart against all evil
-- to resist temptation
-- to love others more than himself
-- to use his skills to advance the Kingdom
-- to bring honor to the King in all that he does

Andrake had a wise teacher, Sir Conelly, who was the leading knight of his day. Andrake studied under Sir Conelly for many, many hours, and learned many, many things. One day, in rash behaviour -- declaring that "I know everything and am ready to start out on my own", Andrake ran away. He forged his master's signature, and was soon jousting with other knights.

But the law caught up with him, and he faced time in the stocks.

After that little mishap, Sir Conelly gave Andrake a book that would help him on his journey to become a knight. Andrake studied it intently, but soon ran into a peddler who had his own wares to offer:

"Ye know, that's an awfully big book to read. It will probably take ye the rest of ye life to read through the whole thing! But -- I have just the perfect solution! There's a brand new book that's just hit the markets. It would be perfect for ye! 'Easy Tips to Become A Knight' -- it takes all the best ideas from all the books written for squires and combines them into one handy reference that's easy to read and will help ye become a knight much faster."

Though almost convinced, Andrake remembers Sir Conelly's instructions, and resists the temptation to trade for the new fangled book, soon realizing his error in even listening to the peddler, and thanking God for his narrow escape.

Continuing to travel along, he meets a fellow servant of the king, Lark. Soon, the two of them come upon three [ahem] brothers, shall we say?! Bearing the lustrous names of Turnious, Itchecus, and Del.

(Insufferable timing for the three 'brothers')

Departing from their company, (and much against Lark's wise counsel) they stopped at a carnival. Andrake got all caught up in the toys and hats, spending his money ruthlessly, throwing caution to the wind.
Laden down with the pretty things, he realized that he no longer had anymore money for lodging that night -- and quickly learned the important lesson of using the talents and resources God has given us for the King's purposes and glory, not wasting them on temporary pleasures.

Weary and tired of traveling, they came upon a poor cobbler's house. He granted them permission to stay with them, and soon unburdened his heart to the young men. His beautiful daughter Delia had been kidnapped! Oh, how his heart was broken! He pled with Andrake to take up the search for his daughter.

Now many have reached a point in their journey only to find that the meaning of service to the King was something different than they had expected, and after much conversation and soul searching, Andrake decides that going to search for lost Delia is more important right now than finishing his quest to become a knight:

"One does not have to be a knight to serve the King. Serving the King is serving others. It's not something that a title can help me do. As hard as it may be for me, I have chosen to give up my search. I must stop this folly of trying to serve the King and do it."

Now this cobbler had two other daughters, who were nothing like the pure, winsome Delia. Jade and Azure were always in some sort of argument over anything and everything! In deep concern [ahem!] for their poor sister Delia, (and much to the dread of Andrake) they quickly announce -- "We're coming with you!"

So with all the extra bag and baggage, they set off to search for Delia. And as could be expected, Jade and Azure continued their arguing, and in fighting over a necklace, ended up upsetting the peddler's cart and wares.

Running from the troublesome girls, Andrake and Sir Conelly get hidden by a beautiful young lady...who turns out to be Delia -- also the young boy 'Del' whom they had met years ago! Oh! To see her father once again!

Andrake and Sir Conelly fulfill their plans to rescue Delia, and soon take flight. But not without a chase.
The guard leaped out the window to chase them down...the race had begun!

And like almost all knight and fair maiden stories, the good men prevailed. Delia was safely returned to her father's house.

But a message awaited Andrake -- he was wanted by the king!

Going to the great banquet, he was very surprised to be knighted. But the king commended him:

"You have withstood many tempations, my son. You gave up your whole life to serve me as a knight and then you gave up your Quest for knighthood, what you loved most, to save another's life. And though you have faced many struggles, and failed many times along this journey, your faithfulness to me has remained strong. You are full of wisdom. You are brave and kind and you serve those who are in need."

Andrake was then given a young boy for him to train in the ways of knighthood.

And thus, the quest continues.


Iron sharpeneth iron......Prov. 27:17 said...

Wow Bethany---I love all the pictures! You did a great job!! :) It was great to see you this past week-end! Have a great trip out West! :)

Goldfish said...

Ooooo, that looks like so much fun, but the pictures remind me of a certain camp that always has wonderful charades....!! :D (By the way, do you know if Waddingtons will be there during camptime? :)

Unknown said...

Oh, that's looks like a lot of fun! You caught some neat moments! I'm glad it was such a blessing!

KarenR said...

I like how the story and the pictures went so well together! You did a good job with taking the pictures. What a great story. I am sure you all had had a lot of fun, and a lot of work doing that!
May the Lord bless you for your service to others!

Brittney said...

Wow! That's quite the story. And great looking cast! I love the costumes. Thanks for sharing!!! :D

~AliisaJoy~ said...

That looks like fun! I love the "window" picture!

Kristi said...

Wonderful pictures...I love the one of the guard leaping.


Jacob said...

Looks like a load of work. I hope it will have a lasting impact for the Kingdom!


Victoria said...

Wow, that was great! *Wished I could have seen it*

BTW, I downloaded the song "Commit and Trust" from your website to let my 2 year old sister listen. :D She listened to it repeatedly for about 1 hour before she slept. :D That's her favorite hymn...which she calls "Fret Not." :D

Anonymous said...

Great synopsis Bethany. And all the great pictures too. It was a great weekend overall!!! :-)

Unknown said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thank you for all the pictures! What would we do without them? Your summary is great...especially the part about Lark's WISE council...jk...but seriously, Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Neat pictures. Where did they get all the gowns, do you know?

Bethany said...

The gowns were all sewn by the actresses -- aren't they incredible?!

Unknown said...

As one of the parents of three attendees, thank you so much for all your work on this, and thank you for showing us what you did! My kids loved it and really changed for a few days. I'm going to post your "Knight Qualifications" and see if we can't remember what we learned!