Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Too sweet

Is it too soon to post another picture of Charissa?! If you can't tell, I'm lovin' having a baby around! Most of all to cuddle and love on, but also because all the baby photography ideas I've ever had or wanted to try I'm now able to do!


Anonymous said...

Such a great subject for such a talented photographer.

I like the quote by Chambers. These really are the people that can deeply affect our lives. And often so subtly we don't always realize it.

Richard, your Old Theshers Friend

Happymama said...

Of course it is NOT too early to post another picture. Hannah and I were just sitting here looking at all her pictures under the "sisters" label. Such a cutie pea.

We MUST know though, which one of your siblings are saying "fret not" on the Commit and Trust. We went to your family's site and was listening and had to listen to that song several times. It was so sweet!


Melanie said...

Bethany, you do such beautiful work! I love visiting here; I always leave inspired!

You bless me!

Sarah said...

Hey, just stumbled across your blog through someone elses and am really enjoying reading. Very encouraging posts. I, too, am a believer and a homeschooler (senior!) and I'm really loving the content of your blog. I hope to read often.

Goldfish said...

It is <*never*> ever too soon to see a picture of cute (little?) Charissa!!!! And, by the way, VERY appropriate title! :) I want and need (okay more want :) to have a baby sister!!!! :D Oh, how I wish it was June 9th!!!!

Christina said...

I agree. I will never be too soon to post more pictures of Charissa!!! I love to see your photos of younger siblings. Lots of ideas to copy someday. :)

Thank you for keeping the content of your blog uplifting and glorifying to God.


Rachel Marie said...

Aw, that is truly "Too Sweet"!!!
I just love your flare, Bethany! Your sister is so adorable... love the topic! :-D

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! Sooo sweet!! I love it!! She is so, so, so adorable! :) (And do you mind if I say that the pictures that you post of her are my favorites?! ;))


KarenW said...

She is sooo cute! I miss having a baby in the house. Our youngest is 5 years old already. I enjoy looking at your pictures!


~AliisaJoy~ said...

How sweet!!

Dustynne said...

Hi Bethany,
I too happened on your site from someone elses...wonderful and very encouraging! And by the way, Charissa is soooooooo adorable! :)
You do some great work. I am starting to get into photography with my Mom and it is really cool!

BrittLeigh said...

Post, post away!! Charissa pictures are the best ;) I just love that adorable little sweetheart!