Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Song of Solomon 2:4

"...His banner over me is love."

Love is swift, sincere, pious, pleasant, gentle, strong, patient, faithful, prudent, long suffering, and never seeking her own, for wheresoever a man seeketh his own, there he falleth from love.

- Thomas 'a Kempis


Goldfish said...

Beautiful... especially the picture! In one of my classes, we were studying Song of Solomon, so I just read the whole book *really* quickly. So it is nice to be able to actually think about what is in it! :D

Kaylene said...

thanks for sharing this. its such a beautiful "soft" kind of post. I'm going to record and remember that quote... I think sometimes 1 Cor. 13 gets referred to as the love chapter, and we forget to go and see exactly what love is...

Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful quote. The English language doesn't seem to have enough words that convey the nuances of love. But a quote like that helps.

A little late here, but glad you got home safely. Hope you and your family are well.

Also, I like that picture of you on the bridge (it is you isn't it?). You seem in deep thought. Any great (or little) thoughts to share?

Prayers and wishing you the best.

Richard, your Old Threshers Friend

Bethany said...

Yes -- it is me on the bridge. And I must confess that I wasn't thinking anything life changing or spectacular at the moment.

I had taken my three younger sisters out with my camera and was giving them all tips and ideas for pictures, having a wonderful time! They loved it! Definitely photographers in training! [smile]

Jeshua said...

“To aim at loving instead of at being loved requires sacrifice. Love reaches out, willing to be turned down or inconvenienced, expecting no personal reward, wanting only to give.”

The Mark of a Man
-Elisabeth Elliot